The Khelix™ Steerable catheters have a deflectable shaft controlled by an adjustment knob on the handle that helps the physician to manoeuvre the catheter tip to the desired location within the heart. They are available in a number of different curve shapes and electrode configurations.

The catheters are constructed of two main components: a handle/guidewire and a catheter sheath. The guidewire sits within the catheter sheath which incorporates sensing and pacing electrodes. Together, the guidewire and sheath form the catheter shaft. The guidewire is connected to the handle that includes a mechanism for controlling the deflection of the guidewire, and thus the deflection of the shaft.

The handle/guidewire is reposable. After use the sheath is removed and discarded and the handle/guidewire is sterilised by the hospital’s central sterilisation department using the specially designed sterilisation tray. The sterilised handle/guidewire is then assembled with a new, sterile sheath ready for use. This process can be performed up to twenty times.

The Khelix™ devices are not available in the US.


January 29, 2016