Khelix™ is the name of the new, innovative range of electrophysiology catheters designed and manufactured by CathRx.  The range was developed on the back of the company’s extensive and continually growing patent portfolio, and incorporates the world’s first ‘reposable’ diagnostic and therapeutic catheters for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

Reposable adj. A medical instrument designed for a specific number of reuses.

Single–use catheters represent a significant component of the total cost of electrophysiology procedures.  They cannot be reprocessed by hospitals and must be disposed after a single procedure.  Catheters within the Khelix™ range have been specifically designed and tested to be reused after appropriate cleaning and autoclaving by the hospital’s central sterilisation department, helping to reduce economic and environmental costs and to help make otherwise prohibitively expensive procedures more accessible.


25th January 2016

CathRx receives European regulatory approval (CE) for initial range of diagnostic catheters.

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20th December 2016

Pro rata non-renounceable entitlement offer

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